A Night to Remember Beauty & The Beast Bridal Gown

A Night to Remember Beauty & The Beast Bridal Gown

This gown is inspired by "Belle", a girl who's heart was so gentle and kind that she could tame a beast.  Belle looks beyond appearances but she also is the "beauty" in Beauty and the Beast.  This gown is a tribute to her kindness and beauty. For dramatic statements, this gown boasts a 178" skirt circumference.  It's two layers contain an overlayer of head to toe ruched taffeta in 10 panels around the skirt, an underskirt with giant ruffle at the bottom, and swag of rose brocade and chiffon layered with white chiffon roses and crystal centers.  Belle's bodice is encrusted with a gold rhinestone trim across the neck and off the shoulder sleeves embellished with white chiffon roses to mimick her collar.  All and all this dress truly makes it a night to remember.

Allow a minimum of 8-10 weeks for us to build your gown. Each gown is custom made in our studio. Hoop/Crinoline sold separately.

Available In:

Colorized - Containing Red, White, and Gold

Standard - All White/Gold

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