Build a Shoe Custom Bridal Shoes

Build a Shoe Custom Bridal Shoes

Custom made to order. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery. If you need it in a shorter time frame, please contact us first for rush fees and availability.

Build a shoe using the options available:

First visit the Swatches area on our main menu bar.

1. Go to "Shoe Styles" swatch page and notate the style name of the shoe you wish to order.

2. Go to the "Dye Colors" swatch page and notate the color number you wish to have your shoes dyed. If you wish for your shoes to remain white (or your shoes are not dyeable), write none in the final message box. Ivory is a dyed color and you can just write in Ivory if you wish to have that color.

3. Go to the "Shoe Embellishments" swatch page and notate the item number of the embellishment you would like on your shoes. If you wish to have your shoe plain you will write none in the options message box.

Select your shoe size from the drop down menu.

Then in the final options message box provide us with the following:

Shoe Style:(type in the style you wish)
Dye Color: (type in the color dye # or type none, white, or ivory)
Embellishment: (type in the embellishment's item number or type none)

Based on the options you have chosen, the price of your shoes will calculate and you can add it to the cart for purchase and to submit your payment. You are done! We do the rest.
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    Q. How long will I need to order in advance of my wedding?
    A. Our typical lead time is 8-10 weeks from the date you place your order. If you need a rush, please contact us directly to discuss availability.

    Q. How can I guarantee that the dye color I selected will match? Is it returnable if it doesn't match?
    A. If you need an exact color match, you will need to provide us with a swatch of material to match the dye. Without this we cannot do exact color matches. A picture provided on a computer screen can only be matched with the best educated guess and monitor colors vary. Custom shoes are non-returnable so you do need to be sure of the color you choose.

    Q. It may rain on my wedding day. Can I get my shoes wet?
    A. Dyeable shoes cannot come in contact with water or moisture because the dye is water soluble. They are made for indoor/dry wear only. If you wish to weatherproof your shoes, a standard Scotchguard will do (note that you cannot re-dye your shoes a different color once weatherproofing has been applied). Non-weatherproofed shoes may be redyed a different color to be continued to be worn. If you damage your shoes with water, the only fix is that they are re-dyed a darker color.

    Q. How will my shoes arrive to me?
    A. Each custom pair of shoes is delivered in a hand painted box with the Princess Bridal label. The box color will compliment the shoe color you have chosen. You can also request your wedding colors - however we are limited to the paint and ribbon colors available and will select the closest available match.

    Q. How do I know my shoes will fit?
    A. The shoes fit standard dress shoe sizes. If you need a wide width, please contact us for available shoe models or you will need to go up a full size. A size chart is available if you measure your foot to determine the best fit. Dyed shoes/custom shoes are non-returnable so you must choose your size carefully.

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